Black Zynga Union (BZU) UK Spotlight

24th October 2023

This UK Black History Month, NaturalMotion are taking the opportunity to share, celebrate and understand the impact of black heritage and culture.

The Black Zynga Union (BZU) Employee Resource Group fosters and engages a community at Zynga where employees of colour and their allies can connect around the workplace experience. By building a network internally and externally, we provide a place for open and honest conversations and foster inclusivity.

Our goal is to increase the Black representation at Zynga, and to inspire change in the technology and gaming industry to better reflect the diverse communities around us. Our objectives are:

BZU Community

  • Build an open and safe community to connect with Black employees and allies; share advice, education, and meaningful experiences to foster belonging; connect with like minded peers on Black-focused initiatives
  • Learn about the experiences of BZU members and their diverse backgrounds; celebrate the achievements of Black people within our community and beyond.

BZU Professional Development 

  • Foster activities to develop, retain, and amplify Black talent
  • Provide opportunities for members to increase their visibility and grow their professional network
  • Organize events and activities related to career advancement
  • Identify opportunities for mentorship, coaching, and leadership development
  • Provide a collection of resources that connect members with career development opportunities


Guide conversations, actions, and initiatives to support the Black communities around us; Provide education and resources to promote careers in technology and gaming; Walk alongside Black community members to make these dreams a reality with financial support and/or mentorship, and by:

  • Establishing internal and external business partnerships
  • Representing Zynga at industry and recruiting events
  • Working with external communities to help Zynga achieve recognition as an inclusive employer and brand


  • Drive meaningful conversations around the implicit barriers Black employees experience in the workplace and beyond
  • Align with the broader organization to offer resources, strategies, and information to combat inequality and foster belonging

During the month of October, the BZU have hosted a number of events including:

  • Dyslexia creative workshop hosted by Lucy Grainge in collaboration with NAZ 
  • Film screening of Rye Lane, from breakout director Raine Allen-Miller
  • Migrateful Cooking Class, learning to cook delicious Ghanaian cuisine with chef Zeenat
  • Sketching for Wellness session led by Chloe Pierre the founder of thy.self author of wellness book Take Care: The Black Women’s Guide to Wellness
  • Virtual and in-person attendance to Black Tech Fest.