Employee Profile – Melissa Verdon

2nd February 2021

Melissa Verdon joined NaturalMotion just over two years ago as the Facilities Coordinator for the London Office. After working in various industries she found herself a role in the gaming industry and hasn’t looked back since! As a Facilities Coordinator, Melissa is always working on various projects, no day is ever the same. These projects could be anything from organising contractors, and office improvements to planning Friday lunches! She finds that the most rewarding part of her job is seeing other people’s positive reactions to improvements in the office. Melissa’s role has allowed her to work closely with staff at the London, Brighton and Birmingham offices; she describes her colleagues as being very hardworking and passionate!

If you would like to learn more about Melissa and her journey with NaturalMotion, keep reading!

What is your role within NM/BA and how did you get here?

I am regional Facilities Coordinator and I mainly look after the NaturalMotion office in London and joined just over 2 years ago.

 Tell us a little bit about your background and what you did before joining NM/BA.

My career as a Facilities Coordinator started in 2015. I originally started my role as an admin assistant before working my way to be a Facilities Coordinator and haven’t looked back since! I have worked in various industries, from tech, accommodation to now gaming.

How would you describe the people within NM/BA?

I have been lucky enough to work closely with staff at NaturalMotion and BossAlien. Everyone is very hardworking and passionate.

How does it feel when you see your work in a real-life setting?

It feels really great to see my work that I have done on a certain project come to life in the office. When I first joined NM I was given a project to manage the change of our meeting room names and since then I have worked on bigger projects like the launch of the new BossAlien office in Brighton and the new reception area for our London office. It is amazing seeing the reaction on everyone’s face when they see any changes you make around the offices. No matter how small the change, when people compliment them, it feels very rewarding.

 Walk us through your typical day.

My role varies on a day to day basis which is partly why I love this role so much – no day is ever the same and it is always exciting. Before COVID-19, I worked in the London office and managed all day-to-day activities. This varies from, organising contractors to fix the broken air-con (which always seemed to be either way too warm or freezing!) planning Friday lunches, projects to improve the office, daily walk arounds to fix any problems and more! If I am not seen wandering around the studio, I am at my desk working on purchase orders, legal contracts and other fun things! Working from home has been a new way of working for me, as my role is very office based, but I have adapted well and now my day goes from ordering desks, chairs and equipment for home offices, ordering goodies etc.

Do you have any mentors or leaders that have helped or inspired you throughout your career?

I have been lucky enough to work with my current manager Tom Westall in a previous company. When I joined Uber in 2015 I was working as an admin assistant and Tom helped me get my head into the facilities “zone” by slowly introducing me to the Facilities and Workplace world. Since then,I have learnt so much from him and have been able to take that knowledge and use it in my roles since then and even now here at NaturalMotion there is still more to learn!