August 9, 2015 in Press Releases

Newest Version of Morpheme and Morpheme with Euphoria Provides Fully Integrated Facial Animation,

Dynamic Joint Chain Simulation plus Xbox One and PlayStation® 4 optimization

 OXFORD – August 10 2015 – NaturalMotion, a leading games and technology company and wholly owned subsidiary of Zynga Inc., today announces the launch of Morpheme 7 and Morpheme 7 with Euphoria across multiple platforms. This latest generation of NaturalMotion’s market leading character animation system adds a full suite of new features and tools to enhance projects of any scope.

For years, thanks to Morpheme’s simple and easy to use visual interface, developers have been able to quickly create complex and compelling in-game animations on PC and console. Now, with Morpheme 7, NaturalMotion is proud to introduce the addition of full facial animation. Morpheme 7’s sophisticated and intuitive tool set allows in-game facial animation to be blended, previewed and debugged while being seamlessly integrated into the full-body character animation. Extensive float channel support from DCC to runtime allows developers to achieve unprecedented levels of fidelity in character motions, making each character, from head to toe, look and behave more realistically than ever before. Blend shape and texture support in the newly enhanced and flexible preview viewports combine with new debugging tools to provide the best possible environment for developing facial animation.

Combining physics and animation has never been easier as Morpheme Dynamics allows node-based dynamic simulation of joint chains, such as ponytails or other attachments to mimic real world movement, while the addition of procedural animation brings other characteristics to life. This revolutionary, patent-pending approach to dynamic simulation does not require the use of a full physics engine. Of course, developers can utilize this in conjunction with Morpheme’s NVIDIA PhysX and Havok Physics integrations if they choose.

Morpheme now includes highly specialized lightweight state machine and blend tree nodes targeted at driving crowds of on-screen characters. These new nodes provide the familiar authoring and debugging tools of the Morpheme environment whilst enforcing the strict set of rules required for absolute maximum performance. In addition, runtime code has now been optimized specifically for Xbox One™ and PlayStation® 4.

Morpheme is already the preferred solution for some of the biggest games and most prestigious developers on the planet, most recently driving unprecedented levels of character animation in the hugely anticipated Until Dawn from Supermassive Games who stated: “Morpheme gave the team the freedom and the tools to create the realistic physical reactions of the characters to their fear, anxiety, and suspense that really helped to bring our vision of Until Dawn to life.”

Michiel van der Leeuw, Technical Director at Guerrilla Games, commented: “We can do better than most middleware, but we can’t beat Morpheme.”

Morpheme 7 and Morpheme 7 with Euphoria are available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Morpheme also supports iOS, Android, Xbox 360™, Playstation®3, Playstation®Vita, & Wii U™ and is integrated with NVIDIA® PhysX™, Havok™ Physics, Unreal® Engine 3 and Unreal® Engine® 4.

NaturalMotion Technology provides patented and patent-pending animation middleware to developers and publishers worldwide with sales and support offices in San Francisco, Seoul, and at its headquarters in Oxford. NaturalMotion is also the maker of hit mobile games including CSR Racing, CSR Classics, and Clumsy Ninja, as well as highly-anticipated mobile games such as Dawn of Titans and CSR2 slated to launch later this year. NaturalMotion was acquired by Zynga in February 2014.

To find out how Morpheme could benefit game development projects, and enquire about pricing options, please contact the NaturalMotion sales team at sales@naturalmotion.com. Learn more at http://www.naturalmotion.com/middleware/.



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