February 22, 2017 in Press Releases

NaturalMotion today announced the launch of Morpheme 8 across multiple platforms. The latest generation of NaturalMotion’s industry leading character animation system provides significantly enhanced tools for procedural animation of characters.

Morpheme is known for making it easy to create highly dynamic, in-game animation for PC, console, mobile and VR platforms. Version 8 introduces Morpheme Kinematic Behaviours that builds upon our experience from developing Euphoria to bring greater lifelike qualities to characters. These behaviours enable characters to perform complete actions over a period of time, making characters move realistically with an understanding of their physical properties, without reliance on a global physics engine. This includes natural defence against an approaching object, looking and reaching at a target, aiming, and flinching in reaction to an attack.

Morpheme’s enhanced IK system integrates with Morpheme Dynamics to drive procedurally generated authentic responses to in-game stimuli. This results in lifelike reaching, stepping, crawling movement of spines, and precise character alignment with underlying terrain. Morpheme IK is also invaluable in VR, enabling characters to respond to user controlled cameras, ensuring game action is always in front of the player.

Extended network referencing in Morpheme 8 makes it even easier to share networks between characters and re-use them. Moving around a network is speedier with the new Quick Jump feature, which allows developers to jump between network levels to bookmarked locations or specified node types.

“Only Morpheme allowed us to deliver on the next-gen vision we had for our characters in Quantum Break,” noted Mikko Uromo, Game Director at Remedy Entertainment.

Morpheme 8 and Morpheme 8 with Euphoria are available now and compatible with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Morpheme also supports iOS and Android™, and is integrated with NVIDIA PhysX, Havok Physics, Unreal Engine 4. If you’re interested in checking Morpheme 8 out, email us at sales@naturalmotion.com, or come visit us at GDC for a hands-on demo.


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