Streamline your asset workflow for game projects of any scale using Morpheme’s new project-centric workflow. Create complex and compelling high fidelity in-game animations faster and more efficiently than ever before.

In addition to the improved workflows, this release introduces a new distributed Full Body IK system which simulates complex character kinematics like reaching and navigating uneven terrain.

The Scatter Blend has been extended into 3 dimensions, with additional functionality to allow extrapolating new animation data from existing animations.

Morpheme continues to provide support for Xbox One™, Playstation®4, Xbox 360®, Playstation®3, Playstation®Vita, Wii U™ and PC. Morpheme is also integrated with Nvidia® PhysX™, Havok™ Physics, Unreal® Engine® 3 and Unreal® Engine® 4.

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  • Project centric workflows easing the management of large, next-generation projects
  • Distributed Full Body IK system, including new rigging tools and FBIK nodes
  • Improved capabilities for visual debugging of the running game
  • Enhanced transition logic to make networks even more streamlined
  • A richer library of available nodes
  • 3D Scatter blend for parameterised blending of animations in 3 dimensions
  • New Euphoria behaviours: Sit and Flinch
  • Expression operator node that allows mathematical expression evaluation at runtime


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