Clumsy Ninja now available on the App Store

November 22, 2013 in Games

Staff celebrated the release of Clumsy Ninja with a special cake.

NaturalMotion Games, the company behind CSR Racing, CSR Classics and My Horse, is excited to announce that its revolutionary interactive character game Clumsy Ninja is now available to download from the App Store.

Clumsy Ninja is the first mobile game to use NaturalMotion’s Euphoria motion engine, a revolutionary technology previously only seen in blockbuster console games like GTA V. Clumsy Ninja is based on a real-time simulation of the body and central nervous system, so he behaves in unique and surprising ways every time. Clumsy Ninja is a virtual friend who feels alive and self-aware.

You and your (very clumsy) ninja will complete quests, meet new characters, travel to new locations, and unlock a wide range of fun items to play with. Train him, throw him, tickle him and even tie balloons to him! He’ll sense, feel, move and react uniquely every time, and together you’ll experience unforgettable moments.

NaturalMotion CEO Torsten Reil said “Clumsy Ninja is the result of over 10 years of research and represents our company-wide vision to bring extraordinarily high-quality, magical game experiences to touchscreen devices. Thanks to the incredible processing power of the latest iOS devices, we can now simulate the body, muscles and motor nervous system of our ninja in real-time. As a result, Clumsy Ninja is so believable he will be blurring the lines between game and reality. Please take good care of him!”

Clumsy Ninja is available now for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch – www.AppStore.com/ClumsyNinja.


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