Clumsy Ninja joins forces with Wildlife Conservation Network

August 20, 2015 in

It’s time to put on your best (animal) suit and join the pack and be a hero in the latest Clumsy Ninja update!

From August 19 – September 2, Clumsy Ninja players can purchase special animal suits to dress Clumsy like a gorilla, dinosaur, or bunny! Proceeds from these suits will help Wildlife Conservation Network save the lions in Kenya and Mozambique.

Wildlife Conservation Network saves endangered species around the world by supporting heroic independent wildlife conservationists like Dr. Colleen Begg of Niassa Lions and Shivani Bhalla of Ewaso Lions. Lions used to roam across Africa but have now disappeared from 83% of their historic range. Although Mozambique’s Niassa National Reserve is considered to be one of the most sustainable long-term habitats for lions because of its size, the 1,000 lions that live there now are threatened by a growing human population. Niassa Lions works closely with the people of the Reserve to build a lion-friendly community where humans do not need to rely on wildlife for food or survival. In northern Kenya, people must live alongside lions, and conflicts can arise when lions attack livestock. The Ewaso Lions team believes that the key to saving lions in Kenya lies in involving local people in conservation and has succeeded in reducing human-lion conflict. Both Niassa Lions and Ewaso Lions work closely with local communities to give lions a future.

Clumsy Ninja is available on Apple and Google Play store, download and join in the fun today!





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